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Sheriff's Office

Pistol Permits

(845) 291-7932

**  Pistol Permit Pedigree Sheet (PPS-01) **

**  Arrest/Charge Affidavit (PPS-02)  **

 The Orange County Sheriff's Office conducts background investigations into Pistol Permit applications for presentation to the Orange County Court Judges, who make issuance determinations. Following are the steps required for you, the applicant, to submit an application.

  • 1. Via the links below (also located above), download, print, and complete the Pistol Permit Pedigree Sheet (PPS-01) and the Arrest / Charge Affidavit (PPS-02, MUST BE READ CAREFULLY and NOTARIZED).
  • 2. Call the Pistol Permit Unit at (845)291-7932 and make an appointment to be fingerprinted. Fingerprinting takes place at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (110 Wells Farm Rd., Goshen, NY).
  • 3. When you arrive for your fingerprinting appointment, you will need:
    • a. The completed Pistol Permit Pedigree Sheet (PPS-01) 
    • b. Completed and Notarized Arrest / Charge Affidavit (PPS-02)
    • c. Valid Identification, * MUST BE NYS Driver License or NYS Non-Driver ID *
    • d. A check or Money Order in the amount of $97.00 made payable to the Orange County Commissioner of Finance.  
  • 4. Upon completion of being fingerprinted, you will immediately be provided two copies of your STATE OF NEW YORK PISTOL / REVOLVER LICENSE APPLICATION as well as a packet of supplemental documents. An Investigator will review all of the documents you will need to complete and return within 60 days. All documents must be completed in black ink only.
  • 5.Once you have completed and secured all of your documents, you will submit them to an Investigator at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office during set paperwork return hours and a final interview will be scheduled.
  • 6. At your final interview, an Investigator will review all of your paperwork with you and verify the application is complete and ready for submission.

Instructions will be provided for all the documents you will need to complete and provide. However, if you have any questions, please call the Pistol Permit Unit at (845)291-7932.

As a Pistol Permit applicant, you are required to complete a Handgun Safety Course and a certificate must accompany the Pistol Permit Application. A Handgun Safety Course is conveniently offered at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. For more information see Handgun Safety Course below under General Information.



REQUIREMENTS: Applicant must be 21 years of age, a resident of New York State; or if you are a business owner, your principal place of business must be in New York State to apply for a permit. In either case, you apply to the county in which you live or have your principal place of business.

FEE: A Money Order in the amount of $97.00 made payable to the Commissioner of Finance.

HANDGUN SAFETY COURSE: The Handgun Safety Course is four hours of hands-on classroom instruction and practical application using simunition training handguns. The course introduces students to the basic operations of a handgun, safe gun handling, and includes an overview of the New York State Penal Law Article 35 and aspects related to Carry Concealed.

The Handgun Safety Course is the first course in the Civilian Tactical Handgun Training program. All students planning to enroll in other handgun training courses must first complete the Handgun Safety Course taught at the Orange County Sheriff's Office location. The Handgun Safety Course satisfies the county mandated requirement for Pistol Permit applications. However, you do not have to apply for your Pistol Permit to take this course. Enrollment in the Handgun Safety Course is open to anyone interested in becoming familiar with handgun ownership and the NYS Penal Law. Students will demonstrate basic safety and operational skills using simunition training handguns under the supervision of qualified firearms Instructors. This is a non-shooting course.

For more information and to enroll in a class: CLICK HERE.  Click the box that says Handgun Safety Course.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office maintains a list of NRA Instructors from around the area who teach an approved Handgun Safety Curriculum. CLICK HERE for list of Recommended Instructors.   

PURPOSE or REASON For the Permit: Application requires the use: sporting, business, or full carry.

PROCESSING TIME: The background investigation for a pistol permit takes approximately 2 months but is dependent upon the applicant’s diligence and timely submission of documents.

EXPIRATION: No expiration date on NYS pistol permits in Orange County.


AMENDMENTS: Any and all changes to your existing Pistol Permit must be done through the County Clerk’s Office. Please print the amendment form (provided at link below), follow instructions and submit the amendment form in duplicate.  Amendments to your existing Pistol Permit are $5.00 per transaction.

PLASTICARD: (laminated ID license card) can be obtained from the County Clerk’s Office by processing an amendment form for a duplicate permit ($5.00 fee)

TRANSACTIONS BY MAIL: To receive your pistol permit application status, amendment to pistol permit, or duplicate pistol permit in the mail, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Pistol Permits

Handgun Safety Course - NRA Instructor