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Department of Emergency Medical Services

EMS Coordinators

Frank Cassanite EMS-1 Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Services / Division of EMS

Kevin Hayes EMS-2 Deputy EMS Coordinator

Luke Wade EMS-5 Deputy EMS Coordinator

Dr. Eli Avila EMS-8 County EMS Medical Director

Bret Hansen EMS-11 District Coordinator for District 1 (Port Jervis VAC, Lenape VAC, Greenville VAC, Mobile Life Support, and EMSTAR EMS)

Magrit Maher EMS-12 District Coordinator for District 2 (Town of Newburgh VAC, New Windsor VAC, Town of Montgomery VAC, and Mobile Life Support Services

Kurt Hahn EMS-13 District Coordinator for District 3 (Cornwall VAC, Town of Highlands VAC, West Point EMS, and Mobile Life Support)

JoAnn Cheney EMS-14 District Coordinator for District 4 (Greenwood Lake VAC, Pine Island VAC, Warwick VAC, and EMSTAR EMS)

Lisa Scheuerman EMS-15 District Coordinator for District 5 (Blooming Grove VAC, Goshen VAC, EMSTAR EMS, and Mobile Life Support Services)

Rich Lenahan EMS-16 District Coordinator for District 6 (Kiryas Joel EMS, Monroe VAC, Tuxedo VAC, Woodbury VAC, and Mobile life Support Services)

Kevin Delmonico EMS 17 – District Coordinator for District 7 (Pine Bush VAC, Town of Wallkill VAC, and Mobile Life Support Services)