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Hazard Preparedness

Orange County is vulnerable to many types of hazards. Please take a few minutes to review this list of some of the hazards Orange County may face and what you and your families can do to prepare for them. Check back with this page often as it will be updated as the seasons change. 


 Port Jervis April 2005

 Unionville 2009


Flooding is the number one hazard Orange County faces each year. Nearly every year some portion of Orange County experiences flooding. Below are some useful links to prepare you and your family for flooding. 

Helpful Links:

Severe Weather and Tornados

Severe storms are a regular occurrence in Orange County during the summer months. Some of these storms can cause significant damage and even spawn tornados. Below are some helpful links to prepare for summer storms.

Helpful Links: 


Although hurricanes are rare in New York, they do occur. In 1999 Hurricane Floyd did millions of dollars in damage in Orange County alone. Please take a few minutes to learn about hurricanes and how to prepare for them.

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