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How do I obtain a death certificate?

The Medical Examiner’s Office does not issue death certificates. Death certificates may be obtained at the municipal clerk/registrar’s office where the death occurred. An amended death certificate is also issued by the appropriate municipal officer after the Medical Examiner’s Office ascertains the cause and manner of death.

What is the timeframe for obtaining the Final Autopsy Report?

This usually takes 8-12 weeks but may be longer, depending upon the case complexity and required testing.

Who is authorized to receive a copy of the Final Autopsy Report?

The spouse or legal next of kin may make application by contacting the Medical Examiner’s Office at (845) 615-3870, for an Affidavit for Autopsy Report Request form. The original, notarized form must be returned to the Medical Examiner’s Office, 22 Wells Farm Road, Goshen, NY 10924. The report will be forwarded automatically when the case has been finalized.

Identification Location

Identifications are often made at the scene by family members or friends. Direct body viewing at the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Mortuary Facility for identification purposes is often not necessary. The morgue is not suited for direct body viewing. It will be better to view the body of the deceased at the funeral home chosen by the family.

Medical Examiner case information and HIPAA

Most case file information is not available to the general public. Sensitive information as to the deceased’s medical data must be protected for the surviving family. Confidential information will not be released without proper authorization.