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Department of Mental Health

Meet Our Team - Port Jervis

Clinical Team Members:

Leah Roth, LCSW - Clinic Director
Charlotte Murphy, MD
Barbara Manco - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Margaret Mitchell - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Martha Thomson, PMHNP,BC - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Victoria Caruso, LCSW-R
Maria Czarnowski, LCSW-R
Linda Fasano, LCSW
Taniesha Lewis, LCSW
Jessica Martin, LCSW
Jennifer L. Rowe, LCSW
Sharon Cherian, LCSW
Phil Bennett, LCSW

Support Team Members:

Cindy Langbein - Front Desk
Janan Schools - Front Desk
Amy Wolfson - Front Desk
Jane Tobin-Bradley - Senior Secretary
Carol Braun - Senior Secretary