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Department of Mental Health

Child & Family Team

Clinical Team Members:

Joseph Perales, LCSW-R - Clinic Director
Dr. Saeed Bhatti - Child and Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Lavinia Park - Child and Adult Psychiatrist
Sylvia Cotto, NPP - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Linda J. Mason, NPP-F - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Margaret Mitchell, NPP - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
TyQuitta Perrier, NPP-F Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Heather FitzHarris, LCSW
Daniel Goodman, LCSW
Jennifer Hite, LCSW
Victoria Mazur-Kazan, LCSW-R
Karen Murphy, LCSW-R
Minerva Torres - Orta, LCSW-R
Molly Tweedy, LCSW

Support Team Members:

Joan Francis - Senior Secretary
Regina Overly - Senior Secretary
Nydia Cruz - Front Desk
Maria Amengual-Michaud - Case Manager
Alisa Wallace - Receptionist Intern