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Trauma Institute of Orange County



The ‘Hope’ (Hold on…Pain Ends) bag project is completed!

H.O.P.E Bags: Hold On Pain Ends
In recognizing the growing incidence of self-injury, the Trauma Institute of Orange County collaborated this year on a special project with youth in our community who have learned healthy alternatives to managing intense emotions and overcome the urge to harm themselves. The end result of this collaboration was the creation of H.O.P.E bags. The institute was happily overwhelmed with the number of clinicians wanting these free bags. Unfortunately our total supply of these bags was depleted within hours of posting the notice that they were available. As we continue to get requests for the bags, we are sharing our ‘recipe’ for what we used.

These bags included:

The Trauma Institute was able to distribute 100 bags to youth struggling to recover from self-injury through community providers (i.e. therapists, school social workers, etc.). It is our desire that this project will provide ways for others to work with youth to create their own H.O.P.E bags using the letters and handouts for inspiration. Please Feel Free to Contact the Trauma Institute of Orange County for tips, advice and thoughts on how to teach your patients to use these kits.

Thank you for all of your interest and support in this project!
Kristen Fortuna and Robin Guiney- Co-Chairs of the Trauma Institute of Orange County