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Orange County Clerk

About Us

This office is responsible for the calculating and collection of fees for recording all land records and County and Supreme Courts’ documents. The County Clerk’s Office currently operates three motor vehicle offices throughout Orange County, as agent to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as providing passport and naturalization services, and the processing of pistol permits and the requalification of notaries.



Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt advises property owners to beware of a deed copy scam.

The County Clerk's Office has received calls from concerned property owners regarding communications that they have received from certain companies one of which is "New York Retrieval, Inc"offering to secure a certified copy of the deed to their property for a fee of nearly $60.00. This cost is exorbitant and about 10 times what it would cost to obtain a certified copy of the deed directly from the County Clerk's Office